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The 8x8-fold Plebeian Path
Douglas Harding, The Trial of the Man Who Said He Was God

From Douglas's introduction to the 8x8 matrix—the array of drawings and expressions—in the book's appendix:

This is the Map of the Path referred to on pages 217 and 228. The best time to go through it in detail is after you have finished reading my account of the Trial. It will then remind you of many of the places we have visited.

I call this Path plebeian – and not noble, and certainly not Aryan – because nearly all humans travel nearly all of it anyway. And because even the last two stages are open to anyone who's desperate enough to take the low road that God has fully sign-posted and made perfectly obvious.

With de Caussade – that seasoned traveller on the low road – I invite you to: "Come, not only to look at the map of the spiritual country, but to possess and to walk in it without fear of losing your way. Come, not to study the history of God's divine action, but to be the subject of its operation.... He will never disclose Himself in the shape of that exalted image to which you so vainly cling."

And here's the two-page spread with his drawings and descriptions:

Douglas Harding 8x8-fold Plebeian Path 1 Douglas Harding 8x8-fold Plebeian Path 2


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