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Greatest Western Teachers of Modern Times


"The dead look so terribly dead when they're dead," said Larry Darrell, the young protagonist of Somerset Maugham's Razor's Edge. "You say to yourself: 'Who am I that I should bother my head about this...? Perhaps it is only because I'm a conceited prig. Wouldn't it be better to follow the beaten track and let what's coming to you come?' And then you think of a fellow who an hour before was full of life and fun, and he's lying dead; it's all so cruel and so meaningless. It's hard not to ask yourself what life is all about and whether there's any sense to it or whether it's all a tragic blunder of blind fate."

moonlit water There are three westerners of modern times who I think shine the clearest light for those looking to find a total answer to the deepest life-questions. In chronological order they are:

  • Franklin Merrell-Wolff
  • Douglas Harding
  • Richard Rose

Who are these men, and what do they recommend? Click on the links below to find out:

Who are they?

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